Ed Driscoll

'Is Society Purposely Messing with Boys’ Heads?'

The Anchoress writes:

Yeah, there is a cognitive disconnect going on — that one-way street, again. And it’s not just about men and women, either. We see the same mindset at work arguing that gay marriage or gay adoption should be perceived as rights so basic they should trump the right to follow the dictates of one’s church or conscience. Having the right to one’s opinion, increasingly, means having the right to live in a cultural cul de sac; no think-through traffic allowed.

Esolen’s piece ends by focusing on where the church has failed to help parents teach their sons how to be joyful men. Pope John Paul II did a wonderful job explaining the “feminine genius” of women, but perhaps there is a need to underscore, in a positive way the masculine genius as well.

All of which reminds me of this recent Eagle Scout Ceremony I attended. The masculine genius may be rooted in an almost casual, no-drama-kindness that we’ve discounted for too long.

Dr. Helen Smith, who writes and speaks frequently on this (benign or malignant) sensitivity imbalance makes note of a new radio program meant to give a Voice for Men. Who knew, when the bras were being burned, that men would come to need such a tool for the exploration and reassertion of their own inborn traits and gifts, and the expression of confused frustration at their obfuscated role in society?

Read the whole thing.

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