Ed Driscoll

'I've Figured out Obama. He's not a Muslim, He's a Golfer'

Jonah Goldberg on the duffer as president:

I’ve figured out Obama. He’s not a Muslim, he’s a golfer!

That’s a reference to Russell Kirk’s semi-famous retort to the conspiratorial nuts who insisted that Dwight Eisenhower was a secret Commie. The revered conservative intellectual responded disdainfully, “Ike’s not a Communist, he’s a golfer.”

* * *

Perhaps it’s Obama’s conspicuous duffing that inspired New York Times columnist and White House confidant David Brooks to write that we are in a new Ike Age.

“During the first two years,” Brooks writes, the administration “hewed to Kennedy’s seize-the-moment style. Now it seems to be copying the Eisenhower mood.” *

Really? The “Eisenhower mood” is an awfully charitable way to describe a president who seems to be playing hooky when he’s not hiding under his desk.

The real problem for Obama is not that he likes his exercise. It’s that he’s acting like an employee who thinks he’s too good for the job.

A promotion could be arranged

* By the way, if David Brooks is comparing Obama, tacitly or otherwise to Ike, who merely happened to win World War II in Europe before being elected to president, it’s safe to say that his man-crush on the current president — or at least his epic trouser creases — hasn’t sated yet.

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