Ed Driscoll

Tokyo: The View from Inside and Out

As I mentioned at the Tatler late last night, CNN posted a horrifying clip from the inside of their Tokyo office the moment the earthquake hit:

I don’t know what floor CNN’s office is on, but here’s how the Tokyo cityscape looked from street-level, where office buildings can be seen visibly shaking:

[youtube JhJzdtzl6KY]

I know Japan’s architects and engineers have decades of practice refining how earthquake-proof their structures are; I wonder what magnitude they’re typically built to withstand?

And finally, one more clip; video of the tsunami wave hitting Sendai Airport, about 225 miles north of Tokyo, and much closer to the epicenter of the earthquake:

[youtube HeJinkzoU5U]

As one of Ace’s co-bloggers writes, “Considering all of the security cameras in Japan that this will be the most well documented disaster in human history, at least in terms of video evidence.”