Ed Driscoll

'Financial Catastrophe Denialists'

“Media Showing Itself As Financial Catastrophe Denialists,” Ace sagely observes:

Very good point from an Instapundit reader. After quoting a story about the Make Believe Media ready, willing, and eager to undertake its customary duty of talking up the pain of budget cuts while failing to note the just-as-real pain of inevitable fiscal disaster, …

Reader Dave Gamble notes an inconsistency in terms of how the politico/media establishment deals with the budget crisis — certain to come — versus global warming — a possibility: “Somehow protecting future generations from possibly having to endure the hardship of an extra tenth of a degree over the next century is a high moral calling, while fighting against the certainty of mortgaging their financial future with trillions in government debt is the work of the devil. Odd.”

Yes, it is odd — the science is settled but it appears the unavoidable and simple arithmetic is infinitely mutable and open to question.

Why are those who claim that math has suddenly stopped functioning in 2010 not deemed to be “anti-math”? (Or just anti-science, as math is the handmaiden of the sciences.) Why are those who deny fiscal reality not termed Financial Catastrophe Denialists, on par with Holocaust Denialists?

I mean, unlike the Holocaust, math is real.

No but seriously, isn’t it pretty obvious which defects of thinking the media is God-sworn to combat? I just watched a Sunday talk show in which the host — David Gregory, I think — would not stop asking Boehner to swear to a fact about which he knows nothing (Obama’s citizenship). Over at Hot Air, Stephanopolous similarly demanded that Bachmann swear that Obama is a Christian and a citizen.

As Jim Treacher tweets, “Apparently, ‘Stephanopolous’ is Greek for ‘Quick, change the subject!'” Note this exchange:

BACHMANN: You know, what I focus on today, George, is today’s the two-year anniversary of the stimulus program, where we spent a trillion dollars to make sure unemployment wouldn’t go above eight percent. That’s what I’m worried about, because the people in the 6th District of Minnesota are very concerned about job creation, and that’s a lot more important that dealing with –

STEPHANOPOULOS: Final quick question.  We’re just curious, we have a big day here, Lady Gaga in the studio.  You a fan?

As Ace writes:

NBC has a Green Week. Think they’ll start a Solvency Week? To similarly raise awareness?

Don’t count on it. While the media is eager to expose what it believes is erroneous thinking that hurts the liberal cause, they have no desire at all to cure erroneous thinking that helps the liberal cause.

Even if it destroys the country. And not in goddamned 2115 but in 2015.

Which dovetails well with our post yesterday on the Politico’s in-house sandwich board wearer: what would Galileo do?

Update: Faced with his state’s budget crisis, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker replies that those who didn’t see it coming must have been in a “coma,” the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Or a cocoon.