Ed Driscoll

Mike Bloomberg Apologizes for Ethnic Stereotyping

But he only insulted white guys, so that’s OK then:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg apologized Thursday for a comment he made about public drunkenness at an Irish-American organization event and said he’d been referring to a yearly party the group throws to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

“I apologize, I certainly did not mean to offend anybody,” he said in a statement Thursday after his words the evening before at a book launch event at the American Irish Historical Society’s Manhattan headquarters raised some eyebrows.

“Normally when I walk by this building, there are a bunch of people that are totally inebriated hanging out the window waving,” Bloomberg had said Wednesday to laughter and moans from the crowd, according to a transcript of the event provided by his office. He continued: “I know, that’s a stereotype of the Irish, but nevertheless, we Jews from around the corner think this.”

Explaining his comments the following morning, Bloomberg said: “I was talking about a party that they have every year on the, on St Patrick’s Day, when it sort of is traditional to hang out the window and yell and scream, and it’s in good fun, and I certainly didn’t mean anything that anybody should take offense to.”

No word yet if Bloomberg thought they going to blow up Times Square on St. Patrick’s Day because they opposed ObamaCare.