Ed Driscoll

Arianna: 'There are the Super-Rich...and the Rest of Us'

Now is the time at Ed Driscoll.com when we juxtapose:

“How Arianna Huffington became Miss America,” published in Canada’s Globe and Mail in November:

Ms. Huffington’s 13th book is a cri de coeur bemoaning the evisceration of the U.S. middle class and America’s slide toward Third World status. As she describes it to me, “that’s really a country where there are the super-rich, who live behind gates with guards protecting their kids from kidnapping, and the rest of us.”

The rest of us?

The Drudge Report on Tuesday:

Hard work and endless media lifting has finally paid off for Arianna Huffington — after she personally scores nearly $20 million in a sale to AMERICA ONLINE!

Top sources close to the deal reveal Huffington will bank $18 million, after all is said and done, in addition to a lucrative new salary base of $4 million a year.

“She is ecstatic,” explains a close friend. “It’s been a life of hard work.”

Press reports on Monday detailed the money side of HUFFINGTON POST, from its first round of fundraising with a Japanese investors to the ex-AOL executives who now return their investment back to the AOL mothership.

As Drudge adds, “Developing,” but not necessarily in the direction that Arianna, AOL and stockholders intended.

(Concept via SDA)