Ed Driscoll

Another Year, Another Racially Insensitive Cafeteria Menu

Do these stories happen every year? This was posted yesterday at the Daily Caller:

A California university says it was bad taste to serve chicken and waffles on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Officials at the University of California, Irvine, say the menu of stereotypical black food was served on Jan. 17 — the first day of the school’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. symposium.

The dining hall advertised the meal as an “MLK Holiday Special.”

The co-chairman of the school’s Black Student Union and another student lodged formal complaints.

University spokeswoman Cathy Lawhon tells the Los Angeles Times that the cafeteria staff made a last-minute decision about the menu. She says the intention was to offer holiday comfort food. The company that runs the cafeteria says it will conduct cultural sensitivity training for its chefs and managers.

Last year, the NBC commissary at Rockefeller Center in New York featured this menu:

As somebody quipped on twitter back then, “I’m simultaneously offended and hungry.”

Presumably they too had cultural sensitivity training in response. Is there a firm that first supplies these menus to cafeterias and then the requisite cultural sensitivity training afterwards? OK, I didn’t think so, but why do these things keep happening amongst our enlightened betters in the media and academia?

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Update: Welcome Insta-readers. For a flashback, the links in this post from 2005 to items from Mark Steyn and PJTV regular Scott Ott of Scrappleface dovetail quite well with the above post, both illustrating the often corrosive clash of the two poles of the left, political correctness and multiculturalism.