Ed Driscoll

Keep Flucking That Narrative, Newsweek

Sen. Jane Harman’s (D-CA) new new Newsweek continues to be worth every penny of its $1.00 market price as an objective news magazine:

You Stay Classy, Newsweek

As Stacy McCain writes, “The Word Is ‘Reprehensible:’”

The cover story by Jonathan Alter is more than 2,000 words. And what one word does not appear in that article? Zeitgeist.

Remember when Newsweek used to do reporting?

Why bother paying the big bucks for that, when it’s much easier to generate PR through hyperbolic cover stories?

But the cover did its job: the left will agree with it; the right will link to it, as we just did, as a reminder that it’s reprehensible, and while no one still buys the magazine at the super market checkout line, at least people are still talking about Newsweek.

And the narrative keeps getting pushed along, no matter how false it is.