Hey, It Worked for Orson Welles

“Teachers told terrified primary school children World War Three had broken out then led them to cellar and set off fireworks and a siren,” the Daily Mail reports:


Stunned primary school children were told in their morning assembly that World War III had broken out.

Staff at St Mary’s RC, Bacup, Lancashire, came up with the idea to help children understand what it was like to live during wartime and decided to make them believe war had been declared.

The terrified youngsters were also told that London – where some of them have relatives – was under bomb attack.

They were led to a cellar when an air raid siren sounded and a firework was let off to simulate a bomb.

Headteacher Mike Richards announced in the morning assembly but abandoned the project at around 1.30pm after some of the children became upset. He has since apologised for the exercise.

Video of the apology here:

[youtube ho_9XTnlJKM]

No word yet if RKO, MGM, PBS or Nickelodeon will be the first to sign Richards to a directing gig, or if he’ll be given control over the final cut.


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