Ed Driscoll

Clearing the Browser Tabs, a Harlington-Straker Production

Found on those big reels of magnetic tape in the basement of SHADO control, some random material that we simply ran out of time to link to this week:

  • Climate Depot: “Oh My! 2010 tied for ‘hottest’ year?! Relax, it is ‘purely a political statement’ — Even NASA’s Hansen admits it is ‘not particularly important’ — Prof. mocks ‘hottest decade’ claim as ‘a joke.'”

And finally, a quick round-up on Steve Cohen (D-TN), who’s long been Mr. Civility personified:

Small Dead Animals: “Now is the Time at SDA When We Juxtapose:”

Jan 12, 2011: President Obama issues a call for civility

Jan 19, 2011: Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen compares Republicans to Nazis

Disgraced Democrat ex-Congressman Alan Grayson insists that Sarah Palin instigated the Arizona Shootings

Meanwhile at Iowahawk, some suggested form letters for Cohen’s staffers, whenever he has a business dispute: “Dear Nazi.”

And Kathy Shaidle asks the logical follow-up question: “If Republicans are Nazis, why aren’t you a lampshade?”

How bad was Cohen’s performance this week? So bad that even Jon Stewart complained about his fellow liberal.

(Concept hat tip: Jimmie Bise)