The Vanishing Face of Satire

Last January, I did a parody of Time magazine’s infamous 1966 “Is God Dead” cover, in which the magazine, strayed so far from its conservative roots under Henry Luce in the 1920s that it finally met up with Nietzsche’s late 19th century aphorism. Nietzsche essentially forecast the horrors of the 20th century as a whole with his statement; it may not be a coincidence that the late 1960s and 1970s were pretty hellish in their own right in America after Time made theirs.


Here’s my version from January, in which I figured that if Nietzsche’s self-designated Übermensch could kill off God, as a self-designated uberblogger, I had sufficient chutzpah (and Photoshop skills) to kill off the smiting deity of the puritanical enviro-doomsday movement:

Is Gaia Dead?

But on Tim Blair’s Website yesterday, I came across this:

Malcolm Muggeridge, call your office; once again reality has outpaced satire.

Oh and Time, might want to call yours, too, or at least a snow plow.

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