Maybe it's Leap Year in the Bizarro World

Janet Napolitano is working “24/7, 364 days″ to keep us all safe:

Ya gotta wonder which day America’s anti-terror forces are kicking their feet up with a book and maybe a nap, instead of, you know, “keeping the American people safe?”On ABC’s World News tonight, Diane Sawyer sat down with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to talk about the possibility of a terror attack over the holidays.

And Napolitano, doing her best to keep us all feeling cozy and warm, said it’s almost a year-round operation:

“What I say to the American people is that… thousands of people are working 24/7, 364 days a year to keep the American people safe.”


You can watch the gaffe here; it occurs at the 1:10 mark if you’d like to fast-forward right to Napolitano’s trainwreck gaffe:

I feel safer now, how about you? And note that as with Katie Couric letting Joe Biden’s “FDR on TV in 1929” mega-gaffe slide by during the peak of the election year in the fall of 2008, once again, a flub that would have seen the media crucifying a Republican is allowed to air without comment by the ruling class media.

Related: Ahh, now we know what Homeland Security will be doing on their day off: fighting global warming.

Freud called it displacement — not to mention meshuga.


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