Ed Driscoll

This Just In

New York Times Editor Bill Keller is a registered Democrat,” Steven Nelson writes at the Daily Caller. After checking voter registration records, “Keller has been registered as a Democrat since 1998,” Nelson adds.

Gosh, who knew?

[Bob Christie, senior vice president for corporate communications of The Times Company] refused to answer any questions regarding public perception that The Times has a political bias, or what affect this disclosure would have on that perception.

Keller wrote in 2006, “when editors are partisans, there is also a risk that reporters, whom we exhort to be impartial, might tailor their writing to the editor’s perceived convictions.”

The New York Times Public Editor’s office, which has been tasked in part with monitoring political bias within the paper, declined to comment for this story.

Regarding perceptions that the Times might have the aura of a penumbra of an emanation of being ever-so-biased just a hair to the left of the center of the ideological spectrum, I think we can let former New York Times ombudsman Daniel Okrent answer that question.