Ed Driscoll

Conservative Blogger Stacy McCain Supports ObamaCare!

Well, maybe a free prescription drug benefit at least. After spotting audio of a Janeane Garofalo freak out, with plenty of Obamaesque anti-colonialism and Soviet-style pseudoscience involved to make her point (that Republicans suck, maaaan!), Stacy writes:

This particular species of nonsense, the widespread liberal belief that there can be no rational reason to oppose their policies and that therefore voting Republican is symptomatic of insanity, has been employed against Glenn Beck and his audience. Back in March, when Frank Rich was portraying the Tea Party movement as an aggregation of violent kooks, I wrote:

There is no cure for the liberal disorder of political psychosis, which erupts whenever it appears conservatives are gaining ground. If present trends continue, Republicans ought to make one concession on health-care reform — free Xanax for Democrats on Nov. 3.

We’re barely five weeks past Election Day, folks. The era of total moonbat madness has just begun.

Though they still control the White House and one house of Congress. They’ll be much more fun to watch if they’re out of those branches of government as well come January, 2013 — which means much work to be done in the meantime. And hopefully many more Garofaloesque meltdowns, which can only help speed the process.

Update: QED.