Ed Driscoll

'Much the Same Thing, Isn't It?'

Speaking of MNBC and closed loops meeting the real world, this is fun:

As MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe – formerly of  Newsweek – appeared as a guest on Wednesday’s Late Late Show on CBS, after Wolffe conveyed his left-leaning take on the deal to extend the Bush tax cuts, host Craig Ferguson asked, “You’re a Democrat, aren’t you?” as he stared at the MSNBC contributor for comedic effect, inspiring audience laughter.

After Wolffe responded, “I am a journalist,” Ferguson smiled and quipped, “Much the same thing, isn’t it?”

Bill Clinton would certainly agree. And Dan Rather would too, though perhaps a bit more tacitly.

Which is why Fred Barnes proposes a reverse Weigel operation to counteract the closed loops of establishment liberal institutions.

Like Michelle, Barry and ACORN, here’s a chance to do some real community organizing and infiltrate the establishment for radical change!