Ed Driscoll

Al Didn't Call It the Assault on Reason for Nothing

On the PJM homepage, David Solway reviews Jamie Glazov’s book, Showdown With Evil, in an article titled, “The ‘Unholy Alliance’ Between Islamic Jihad and Utopian Socialism.”

You can see that unholy alliance painted in vivid green with this headline in the Washington Post back in October: “Osama bin Laden embraces his inner Al Gore.” (But remember: no pressure to convert the heathens to either of their respective religions.) Or in this recent L.A. Times story, “Young European man explains why he converted to Islam:”

Why would a left-leaning young man from one of the world’s most secular and liberal countries choose to become a pious Muslim?

The 34-year old Swedish music teacher from Stockholm, who asked that his last name not be published, attempted to explain his decision, describing it as the culmination of a long journey searching for faith and him solidifying his religious beliefs that he couldn’t always place.

* * *

“I have never doubted my faith,” he told Babylon & Beyond while on a recent visit to Beirut. “It feels like I’ve had the same faith all the time but it feels so cleanly formulated in Islam.”

What’s the appeal? In part, Malcolm said, Islam fits in well with his left-wing views. “In that sense, Islam fits me really well,” he said. “I am completely against capitalism.”

As Mackubin Thomas Owens wrote in September of 2002, “9/11 revealed an emerging geopolitical reality: that the world’s most important fault line is not between the rich and the poor, but between those who accept modernity and those who reject it.”