Ed Driscoll

Quality Control is Really Slipping at ILM

Assuming it’s legit, and not a deliberately crude-looking parody, something tells me that this crazy video represents the finest in Ugandan digital effects:

[youtube CrtqZEobJSg]

Oh and that default Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 font at the end? That’s quality movie making right there.

When I was nine or ten, presumably like every boy, I wanted to make super-8 versions of the crime dramas I watched on TV. If I had access to the digital versions of the elements the pros use to simulate gun shots, blood spurts, smoke, and explosions, which are now available to anyone for purchase as stock footage to be composited later, the special effects would have looked a little like the above video.

Still though, quality aside, the guys who made this are clearly having fun, and it shows — are there any more clips of Tebaatusasula online? Or should I hold out for the extended director’s cut?

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