The China Syndrome, Starring Tom Friedman as Jane Fonda

“Friedman Admits He Deliberately Exaggerates China Threat,” the Media Research Center notes, reading Friedman so you don’t have to:

“I was just in China a couple of months ago,” Friedman said. “And my Chinese friends always you know say to me, ‘Friedman, you know you really exaggerate us. You really exaggerate our strengths and what not.’ I say, ‘You know what baby – you bet I do because you’re my Sputnik. You’re that thing I want my country to see rising so we get up off of our behinds and do what we need to do because you know what I’m really afraid of? I say to them, ‘You exaggerate us. You still think we’re that America that Winston Churchill spoke about – the country that will invariably do the right thing after it has exhausted all the other possibilities. Well, you know Don [Imus] we don’t have time anymore to exhaust all the other possibilities.’”


File this one away for Friedman’s next boilerplate Chinapalooza column — after all, it’s his Sputnik, baby. But beyond that, a “liberal” who finds the truth remarkably elastic in order to push his agenda? That’s never happened before!

[youtube gGsU8SBLcvI]

[youtube Nc5lHXkrdQ8]


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