Ed Driscoll

Babes in DC: Leading or Lagging Indicator?

Back in 1990, in Parliament of Whores, P.J. O’Rourke coined “the babe theory of political movements:”

“We’re not being sexist here,” my friend insisted. “It’s not that looks matter per se. It’s just that beautiful women are always on the cutting edge of social trends. Remember how many beautiful women were in the anti-war movement twenty years ago? In the yoga classes fifteen years ago? At the discos ten years ago? On Wall Street five years ago? Where the beautiful women are is where the country is headed.”

If so, then Andrew Klavan’s latest post at Ricochet is a bad, bad sign:

I’m in Washington DC now and I can’t help noticing: the women here are incredibly hot! This didn’t used to be the case. After a couple of weeks in New York or LA, you used to be able to drop into DC for a few days in order to regain your ability to concentrate. No more. We don’t need an evolutionary biologist to make up a completely unscientific reason for this, as a licensed fiction writer, I’m perfectly capable of making up my own. Government has become too rich and powerful. What are technically known as babes used to flock to New York and LA because that’s where all the money and glamor were. What the heck are the money and glamor doing in Washington DC? If I were a liberal, I would suggest new regulations limiting the amount of beautifulness a woman could possess within the confines of our nation’s capital. As a free market libertarian something-or-other, I feel we only need to cut the size of government and the problem will take care of itself. Unfortunately, given the romantic predilictions of certain of our GOP House leadership, this may be more difficult than it seems.

So does this foreshadow a complete failure of the incoming GOP Congress to control the size of government, or merely a sign of Rupert Murdoch’s unceasing ability to hire great looking anchorbabes to keep tabs on Washington’s excesses?