'The Political Suicide of President Obama'

Ken Blackwell writes:

President Obama’s admission of “no such thing as a shovel-ready project” has to be seen in the context of Bush’s broken “read my lips” pledge. Just as no previous candidate had ever mentioned his lips, no one had ever heard the term “shovel-ready” before. It is Obama’s signature phrase. It is central to his administration’s claim to have “created or saved” millions of jobs. Last week’s jobs report—the last one we will get before the midterms—says we lost 95,000 jobs in September.

The President has just pulled the rug out from underneath every vulnerable Democratic candidate running for Congress this fall. They stood with him for all that spending. They accepted his word that those projects were shovel-ready. They hitched their wagons to his star. And now, like a shooting star at night, he seems to be burning up on entering the atmospheric realities.

There is one project that is shovel-ready. That’s the project of burying the liberal majorities the President has enjoyed these past two years. It seems Barack Obama has his shovel ready for that one.


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