The Ruling Class Versus the Country Class

Don Surber notes the disparity in popularity in the Tea Party between America’s political class and everyone else:

Among mainstream America, 61% say the Tea Party is good for the country.

Among the political class, 75% say bad.

As well the political class should think because so many of them will be tossed out on November 2.


Heh. Which also calls to mind the numbers  Rasmussen reported on global cooling-warming-climate change-global climate disruption back in mid-2009, even before the “Hide the Decline” scandal broke last year:

Only 34 percent of American voters now believe that global warming is manmade, but 48 percent of the “Political Class”, as Rasmussen puts it, do.

Which may explain, in both cases, as Andrew Ferguson writes at Commentary, “The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics.” and its incumbent violent eliminationist rhetoric.


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