Ed Driscoll

The Quoatable Harry Reid, Part XXXVIII

Question to Harry Reid: “Can you think of a greatest living American?” Reid: Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd.

Who knew ObamaCare could raise the dead?

In response to a question asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid if he could name the “greatest living American,“ Reid responded with ”Ted Kennedy“ and ”Robert Byrd.” One problem (possibly among many), the interview was conducted after Kennedy‘s and Byrd’s deaths.

David Brody [Interviewer]: Can you think of a greatest living American?

Reid: I’m glad I had the opportunity to know Ted Kennedy. Whether you agreed with him or not, what a life he lead with his two brothers being assassinated, his other brother being killed in World War II. And Robert Byrd who just died. What a– he was in the Congress of the United States for more than 25 percent of the time that we have been a country. That’s fairly remarkable.

As the Weasel Zippers blog note, “Says a lot about Reid that he counts a former Klansman and a drunken, murdering womanizing degenerate among his ‘greatest Americans’…” They’ve got the video, if you can stomach it. Or you can watch my video on The Quotable Harry Reid, for more from the gaffetastic Nevadan.

Meanwhile, “Sharron Angle surge unnerving Nevada Democrats,” not to mention the folks at Politico, and even Harry’s son, trailing even further than his dad in some polls, is distancing himself from his father’s “accomplishments.”

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