Ed Driscoll

Rahm Emanuel: 'Warmhearted Machiavellian'

As we’ve seen with his earlier love of Barack Obama’s finely-pressed trouser creases, David Brooks pulls no punches when it comes to Speaking Truth to Power:

But Rahm has somehow managed to remain true to his whole and florid self. He’s managed to preserve the patois of Chicago, the earthy freneticism of his Augie March upbringing.

He made some big mistakes: Trying to use the financial crisis as an opportunity to do everything at once. He can sometimes be harsh. But he has generally lived up to his ample heart. He gave up the chance to be speaker of the House because of his affection for Obama. He gave up the chief of staff job and returned to Chicago because that city is in his bones.

I interview a lot of politicians. Rahm is unique. Flawed like all of us, he is a full human being, rich and fertile from the inside out.

Chicago voters will decide how much of Rahm’s rich and fertile from the inside out offerings they want dumped onto their city on February 22nd, 2011.

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