Beware the Savage Lutefisk of 1984

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As we mentioned earlier today, the Boston Globe reports that Michael Dukakis is offering his services to the Obama administration. Dukakis lost to the first President Bush in 1988; but let’s go back four years prior. You said it would last, but I guess we enrolled in 1984, as John Fund writes:


Comparisons between the Obama White House and the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter are increasingly being made—and by Democrats.

Walter Mondale, Mr. Carter’s vice president, told The New Yorker this week that anxious and angry voters in the late 1970s “just turned against us—same as with Obama.” As the polls turned against his administration, Mr. Mondale recalled that Mr. Carter “began to lose confidence in his ability to move the public.” Democrats on Capitol Hill are now saying this is happening to Mr. Obama.

Mr. Mondale says it’s time for the president “to get rid of those teleprompters and connect” with voters. Another of Mr. Obama’s clear errors has been to turn over the drafting of key legislation to the Democratic Congress: “That doesn’t work even when you own Congress,” he said. “You have to ride ’em.”

Mr. Carter himself is heightening comparisons with his own presidency by publishing his White House diaries this week. “I overburdened Congress with an array of controversial and politically costly requests,” he said on Monday. The parallels to Mr. Obama’s experience are clear.


As PJTV notes in this new edition of Trifecta, with special guest pundit Stephen Kruiser, “It is pretty clear that the thrill is gone when it comes to Obama, but you know his Presidency is in trouble when Walter ‘Fritz’ Mondale starts commenting on it.”

Mondale did the nation a great service in 1984, when he performed a welcome self-euthanasia on his campaign by uttering those faithful words, “Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won’t tell you. I just did.”

And so did the 111th Congress this week.


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