Ed Driscoll


James Taranto in his latest Best of the Web column writes:

The president’s disparagement of Fox doesn’t bother us. He has a right to free speech, and we’re proud to work for News Corp., which owns the only network that consistently fulfills the press’s adversarial role.

But suppose he had ended the answer after the first sentence, simply stating that he supports Fox’s rights under the First Amendment and declining to express an opinion about how the network uses those rights? That would have matched precisely his approach to the Ground Zero mosque.

If President Obama is willing to criticize Fox for the way in which it uses its First Amendment rights, why does he refuse to urge the Ground Zero mosque people to move to a less obnoxious site? Or, to put it another way, why is the Ground Zero mosque the only case in which Obama has ever defended anyone’s First Amendment rights without qualification?

“Maybe Murdoch should build a mosque or something to guarantee his First Amendment rights,” Greg Pollowitz quips.

Isn’t helping to build Dialog enough?

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