Ed Driscoll

A Malaise by Any Other Name

Joe Biden, channeling the mighty spirit of the self-proclaimed superior ex-president:

Vice President Biden said Thursday the conservative Tea Party movement might be “the best thing to happen” to Democrats with the midterm elections approaching.

Biden, speaking at a fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Md., for Sen. Barbara Mikulski, said the energy of the Tea Party might inspire a lethargic Democratic base to turn out and vote in November.

“Maybe the best thing to happen to us lately is the Tea Party wins,” Biden said. “Maybe it’ll shake some of our constituency out of their lethargy.”


Hmmm….don’t you tend to wait until after the election — if ever — to accuse your base of being lethargic?

And having just declared that “Maybe the best thing to happen to us lately is the Tea Party wins,” at this point, the Hill and/or the Biden, contradict themselves:

“I guarantee you we’re going to have a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate. I absolutely believe that,” Biden said.

The vice president conceded that voters are “angry against whoever is in power,” but he said that Democrats “have a heck of a record, a heck of a positive record to run on.”

That’s news to 2008 Obama supporters and longtime limousine liberals Warren Buffet and Mort Zuckerman, and to Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, whose television networks these days see no evil when it comes to the president and his stifling policies.


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