Ed Driscoll

Because You Can't Spell Möbius Loop without an Umlaut

Oh that Liberal Fascism.

Who knew that the “In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes” meme would be so recursive? As Jim Hoft writes, “My, what a difference a year makes…:”

**Aug 2009– Pelosi Accuses Tea Partiers of Attending Nazi-Sign Rallies… **Sept. 2010– Top Pelosi Staffer Leads Nazi-Sign Rally

August 2009– Speaker Nancy Pelosi compared tea party protesters to Nazis.
“They’re carrying Swstikas and symbols like that.”

September 2010– Pelosi’s Deputy Director of Member Services leads a Nazi-sign rally in Chicago.

Click over to Jim’s site for photos and video, and then stop by the Verum Serum blog for addition photos from this month:  “Alert Maddow! Dem Staffers Hoist Nazi Signs of Beck and Palin.” Though as Jim adds, “Don’t expect to see this on your nightly news.”

Update: James Lileks claims dibs on the “in the future everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes” riff, though I first saw it at the now sadly defunct Beautiful Atrocities blog in 2005. Meanwhile, Larry O’Connor has a thorough round-up on the whole sordid Pelosi-backed affair at Big Government.

Incidentally, why are the folks who want (a) small government that will (b) leave you alone always the ones being smeared as Nazis?

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