'Jon Voight calls Time Magazine Anti-Semitic'

More blowback from a summer that saw the MSM attacking their readers with a vengeance; I wonder if Voight saw our recent Photoshop, reproduced below. As the Hollywood Reporter notes:


Outspoken actor Jon Voight picked a fight with Time Warner on Sunday when he slammed their flagship magazine Time on Fox News Channel’s “Huckabee” for being anti-Semitic. The video didn’t hit the web until Tuesday. Watch below (it begins around the two-minute mark).

“This is anti-Semitism,” Voight said of the Sep. 13 edition, which features a Star of David and the cover line, “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace.”

Voight said, “Who are the anti-Semites who are running Time Magazine?”

The politically active actor, who supports the Tea Party and conservative candidates, then attacked Time’s August 30 cover that asks: “Is America Islamophobic?”

“They’re calling America Islamophobic. Well, this is exactly the way that we create wars between nations,” Voight said.

“What are we going to do? Should we boycott Time magazine? Maybe so, because they shouldn’t have the right to create wars,” he said to applause.

Quipped the host, Mike Huckabee: “Given their circulation numbers, I think most of America already is.”

Heh, indeed.™


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