Ed Driscoll

The 20 Percent Solution

As Hot Air notes in linking to this item in the Washington Post, “There are plenty of things that 20% of Americans will believe:”

Nearly one in five Americans mistakenly believes that President Obama is Muslim, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center — and that was before he came out in support of the right to build a mosque near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan. What other opinions, habits, surmises, hopes and fears do 20 percent of us share? Recent surveys and studies show that one in five Americans also . . .

. . . thinks socialism is superior to capitalism, according to a 2009 Rasmussen survey.

. . . reports “excessive sleepiness,” according to a recent study by Stanford University’s Sleep Epidemiology Research Center.

Now it all makes sense! This Newsweek cover story from early 2009  was both written by, and aimed towards the 20 percent of Americans likely to agree it…

….The “excess sleepiness” that Newsweek causes each week in the 80 percent of the rest of us who disagree with both its assumptions and conclusions (such as those that resulted in the cover story above) prove that in reality, the free market still works exceedingly well,  as demonstrated by the eminently fair price the magazine was recently sold for.