Ed Driscoll

The Non-Official Obama Campaign Staff Weighs In

Apparently failing to see the satire in our post on Hillary taking another bid at the White House, not to mention the historical ramifications if she were to actually do so (see also: spectacular second terms of LBJ and Jimmy Carter, both of which were effectively K.O.ed when their presidential weaknesses were exposed by vigorous primary challengers), the up until recently Washington Post-owned Newsweek notes:

It’s probably a safe assumption that if the major proponents of a strategy for Democrats are current or former staffers of the Journal editorial pages, the Dems should perhaps be wary (just as the GOP would want to steer clear of a Republican strategy proposed by the Huffington Post). You can look, too, at the people who are doing their best to amplify the claim: right-wing outlets like Pajamas Media, the Daily Caller, and even WorldNetDaily.

We appreciate the link from the Post’s opinion magazine, and for once in recent years, we agree with them — a president, even a presidential candidate, needs to choose his “non-official campaign” staff very carefully.