Ed Driscoll

The Washington Post Circles the Wagons

At Big Journalism, Alex Marlow writes:

I wish I could say my conclusion is that it’s a bad sign when the watchdogs need watchdogs and Kurtz should be more concerned with his own journalism than Breitbart’s, but those paying any attention know the reality is much more grave than that: Howard Kurtz, CNN, and MSNBC are trying to destroy Andrew Breitbart and the new media for their Thought Crimes.  They are the Ministry of Truth and they are at war.

If the 1984 metaphor seems too extreme for the Post, perhaps there’s a newer one that the newspaper, the JournoList tainted “Non-Official Campaign” arm of the Obama administration can especially relate to.

(Though given how much money the newspaper has hemorrhaged in recent years, perhaps this title might ring home a bit as well.)

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