Ed Driscoll

Who Got to Chris Matthews?

At GE, we bring good things to life — and then toss them down the Memory Hole a couple of hours later!

Chris Matthews strayed from the liberal talking points today. But don’t worry, it only happened for a little while. Two hours, in fact, before he was back to his old self, lashing out irrationally at conservatives. We’re not sure where Matthews’ original bout of intellectual honesty came from, but we’re pretty sure that some sort of JournoListy Intervention occurred to get him back on message.

Unless you buy into the motto at both Airstrip One and MSNBC that ignorance is strength, read the whole thing.

Related: “Oh Pretty Please… Shirley Sherrod Announces She Will Sue Andrew Breitbart,” Bob Owens writes, adding, “I suspect that this will end badly. For Sherrod.”

More here.

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