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From Newsalert:

No wonder Robert Gibbs is more beloved by the GOP than the DNC right now. But as Jonah Goldberg notes, Republicans shouldn’t just run on being the Party of No, tempting though that may be:

However much blame they deserve for the economic crisis, Obama and congressional Democrats deserve the political crisis they’ve created for themselves. And the GOP should exploit it.

For a year or so, Republicans have been the so-called party of no. Contrary to the expectations of its critics, that tactic has been good for the GOP. It seems that the “tea parties,” America’s natural antibodies to Obamaism, have provided some vital stem cell therapy, helping to regrow the Republican spine.

But that spine is only valuable if you use it for something. Much of the GOP leadership has been content saying “no” for two reasons — one good, one bad. When Obama was tall in the saddle and determined to exploit the economic crisis on his terms, there was no point in offering real alternatives. And it’s just a lot easier to criticize than it is to lead.

Now is the time for the GOP to call Obama’s bluff and offer a real choice. My personal preference would be for the leadership to embrace Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s “road map,” a sweeping, bold and humane assault on the welfare state and our debt crisis. Doing so might come at the cost of trimming the GOP’s victory margins in November, but it would provide Republicans with a real mandate to be something more than “not-Obama.”

Don’t let Obama’s crisis go to waste.

And finally, for what it’s worth, last year, Evan Thomas of Newsweek declared President Obama “Sort of God.” In contrast, this year, James Carville recommends the real thing to the left.

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Update: Now there’s a winning slogan

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