Ed Driscoll

'Democrats Adopt the Newsweek Approach'

Why not? It’s practically a self-professed house organ of the Democratic party anyway. Jennifer Rubin writes that the left are now returning the favor:

Nancy Pelosi often seems to be employing the new Newsweek formula — fewer numbers but more avowedly leftist. The latest:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doubling down on healthcare reform, betting that it will do Democrats more good than harm in November’s elections. She and her leadership team have seized on new polls that suggest healthcare overhaul’s popularity is rising, and they are urging members of Congress to use this week’s recess to tout the new law.

I’m betting that no Democrat in a competitive seat (in this election, that is most of them) is going to be taking her advice. The liberals who aren’t mad that ObamaCare didn’t include a public option don’t need reminding of what Obama did and are unlikely to produce a turnout so great as to counteract the swelling ranks of angry independents and fired-up Republicans. As for Republicans, they saw that this was a winning issue — for them — in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts and aren’t about to turn down the offer to make this a top campaign topic.

Now, lest you think the Speaker is entirely daft, remember her problem: what are Democrats supposed to run on? The debt? The tax hikes? The spending bonanza? Jobs? You see her problem. And you understand why Democrats are looking for dirt on their opponents. That’s about all they have left at this point.


Update: And speaking of Newsweek

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