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Barbara Boxer: 'Decades of Epic Fail'

As Maximum Pajamahadeen Roger L. Simon writes,“Incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer is known to be one of the most rigid and conventional liberals in Congress:


(I use the term “liberal” in the modern, reified sense, even though it’s factually meaningless and has nothing to do with being liberal.) So don’t expect any original thinking from her, just more pandering to her base of union members and exploited ethnic groups.

One-time Governor Jerry Brown is another matter. Vastly more intelligent than Boxer (no challenge there, I know), Brown realizes the state of California has an unprecedented financial crisis and cannot even begin to afford the “liberal” economic policies instituted by his father and continued by Jerry himself while in his first go-round as governor.

So what to do? How does Jerry distance himself from … himself?

Well, maybe he should hire Phil Jackson as his campaign manager. In any case, last night you could hear Jerry, in his acceptance speech, starting to make a move rightward while pretending to be left.  Yet to me, he still sounded like an old hack wearing a Zen hat — although not nearly as much of a hack as one of the men who introduced him and was hogging the television stage, L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. (A well-known philanderer and women’s movement supporter — are we detecting a pattern here?)

For businesswomen Whitman and Fiorina, the task is to convince the electorate that they need, well, businesswomen in office at a time of extreme economic crisis. With California unemployment the highest it has been since the Depression, and businesses fleeing the state like lemmings jumping off the Queen Mary, that would seem like a no-brainer. But time will tell, obviously.

Meanwhile, Pajamas Media will be tracking all this. Just as we did in Massachusetts, we have commissioned CrossTarget to do a poll for us of the two key California elections. The results should be appearing here and on PJTV in the next day or so. It is our intention to follow the California elections as closely as possible: we’re a California company, after all, and California is — for now anyway — our most populous state.

In closing, a special nod is due our blogging colleague Mickey Kaus, who came in a respectable third in the Democratic Senatorial primary with 5.3% of the vote. Just one question for Kaus: Will you be voting for Boxer in November when your views, as outlined during the campaign, seem so much more closely aligned with Fiorina’s?


Good question (and click here for my PJM Political interview this past weekend with Mickey.) In the meantime, Ed Morrissey adds, “The NRSC didn’t take long to start attacking Barbara Boxer after last night’s California primary nominated Carly Fiorina as the Republican challenger to ‘Senator Ma’am:'”

In fact, this 30-second spot kicks off what promises to be an entire series of “Decades of Epic Fail” at a new NRSC microsite, with the domain name CallMeMaam.com. The website features a “greatest hits” compilation of Boxer moments over the years, including the one in which she tells a general to call her Senator instead of “ma’am.” The NRSC wants to give her back that latter honorific:


Update: Zombie surveys both halves of the playing field, and does not like the roster: “In a state with 37 million people, these are the best four we’ve got?”

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