Rhymes Without Reason

At the Corner, Mark Steyn writes, “I had no idea until today that this was the marching slogan of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid:”

Butch, femme, bottom, top
Israeli apartheid has to stop.

Hmm. Michael Coren expands on the paradox of an anti-apartheid rallying cry itself obsessed with categorization. But I found myself wondering: Is there a Queers Against Sharia? If not:

Butch, femme, top, bottom
Gay bars in Riyadh? It’s hard to spot ’em

Bottom, top, femme, butch
Pride parade’s dull since the Taliban putsch

Top, bottom, butch, femme
With complimentary FGM

Top, bott, butch, femme, trans
Quit your chanting and read your Korans.


The related (or is it the same group?) Queers for Palestine, pictured above, made an appearance in a recent post by Zombie, which you can view here.


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