Ed Driscoll

Partying Like It's 1999

Apparently having exhausted more creative editorial ideas, this past January, Time magazine dubbed the naughts “the Decade from Hell.” At the moment though, it’s looking much more like “the Forgotten Decade,” as we appear to be rapidly returning to the 1990s, though without the same level of carefree innocence as the Clinton days:

And of course, ObamaCare is HillaryCare redux, with Nancy Pelosi as this decade’s shrewish national nanny. And along the way, our political elites forgotten the lessens learned this past decade, in the hardest way possible, about the causes of terrorism and its potential for massive destruction, and the impact that an obsessive top-down bureaucracy can have to sap a society’s will.

Update: Found via James Lileks, behold the Geosynthesizer! For those who long for the days of GeoCities Webpages circa 1996 or ’97. The blood has only stopped gushing from my ears after listening to its MIDI synthesizer tunes on headphones.