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“I’m not quite sure what it is about pasty white urban liberals that makes them think they have the right to judge the ‘authenticity’ of someone’s race, but it must be tied to the same poorly oxygenated part of the brain that makes them blind to the fact assigning a skin color an ideology is racism of the first order itself.”


— Bob Owens, “‘Left’ Behind: Tolerance and the Tea Party.”

Related: On the West Coast, it’s the Clash of the Poseur Totalitarians! On the East Coast, more leftwing totalitarians seek to inflict violence. Glenn Reynolds suggests alerting the Southern Poverty Law Center, but their myopia causes a distinct blindness in their left eye.

(H/T: The Rhetorican)

More: In a post titled “Young Democrat Socialists Honor Noam Chomsky, Decry ‘Teabagger Fascism’… While Simultaneously Condemning the Murderous ‘Jewish Disease,'” Doug Ross links to a comment by one of Noam’s most spectacularly addle-minded followers, who seems determined to to work the word “Zionist” into every sentence in a paragraph:

The media gives space to the neo-cons as they are the zionist sponsored batch and the most extreme of the teabaggers. They are also as phony as the fundy Christian movement, another zionist started and lead fascist movement to promote zionist policy. The neo-con teabaggers’ purpose is to give zionist puppet obama and his merry corporate welfare crew some opposition to fool the wad with…


If you say so, friend.  Right at the moment, “zionist puppet obama” is doing one helluva misdirection job in the Middle East. I’m glad you’re the only person who can see it for what it truly is though.

Update: “So, you say, why is ‘zionist puppet obama’ so relaxed about Iranian nukes? Oh, don’t be so naive. Ayatollah Khamenei’s the biggest zionist neocon corporate teabagger of them all.”



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