Ed Driscoll

The Canadian Mounties 'Always Get Their Ann'

Mark Steyn explores just how transformed by PC the police of Canada have become:

As Kathy Shaidle notes, a grateful Canadian media fell ravenously on that line either to crow that Miss Coulter talks a good game but in the end was too gutless to go on, or that the cancellation was a publicity stunt. David Warren was the only mainstream columnist to point out, that, when the police inform you officially that they cannot “guarantee security”, you’re certainly free to proceed, but your insurers will decline to cover any subsequent damage to the venue. Canadian police have now adopted a policy of abetting lawlessness by approved groups:

I’m not just referring to obvious surrenders such as Caledonia, but to the bizarre episode of TVO’s The Agenda broadcast from the Munk Centre last week. No Ann Coulter around, only the finance minister of Ontario. But a Coulteresque mob rushed the stage, and the host Steve Paikin had to insert himself between protesters and the minister. “Regardless of what you thought of yesterday’s budget,” wrote Paikin, “I don’t believe guests who agree to appear on The Agenda ought to get beaten up.”

Oh, c’mon, you pussy. Where’s your commitment to social justice? As in Ottawa, law enforcement declined to enforce the law, the OPP remaining in the wings as thugs rushed the stage. “The police, I’m told, were urged not to intervene,” Paikin explained, “lest pictures of demonstrators being hauled off by the cops show up all over YouTube.”

True. You might haul off a Muslim or a lesbian and find yourself in “human rights” hell. Better just to linger nonchalantly by the side until it’s all over: O Canada, we stand around for thee.

For confirmation of the above, consider the account of Miss Coulter’s Calgary visit by the head of her local security team:

It was explained to us in no uncertain terms, that Campus Security personnel could not and would not, remove any unruly patrons or spectators from the event unless they displayed obvious signs of violent behaviour – holding a chair over one’s head threatening to throw it was simply not enough…  To make matters worse we were told that if any of our people laid a hand on anyone at the event, for any reason, we would be charged and face criminal prosecution.

Just so. The mob’s not the threat, you and Ann Coulter are. In the old days, the Mounties always got their man. But these days they’ll get you. Frankly, it’s a lot easier. Canadian law enforcement gives off the same vibe re Miss Coulter that the Dutch justice system does re Geert Wilders – that in many ways the most convenient outcome would be if the mob took care of the problem, pour encourager les autres.

As Kate McMillan says re the security chief’s missive:

In a real country, with real rights, and real journalists, this letter would provoke a national media scandal and formal investigation – but it won’t.

The police are happy to stand by and Caledonify Canada. The IFPS will find it harder to book a room next time they want to bring a “controversial” speaker to the true north strong and free. But, if we’re lucky, we’ll still be free to hold our events on abandoned bits of scrub on the edge of town.

Read the whole thing — what could very well be a preview of America to come, as Oba-utopia is very much Trudeaupia south. (See also: today’s California.)