Ed Driscoll

Harry Reid Getting An Early Jump On Retirement

The “double secret campaign tour” tour rolls on:

Harry Reid is taking a bus tour across the state of Nevada to rev up the minority of residents who can stand him. But, he won’t announce his arrival time.

The Las Vegas Sun reported:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid swung through the state’s Republican heartland Tuesday and was greeted with a small but polite band of residents from the opposition.

Among the few dozen mostly supportive Democrats gathered at the 88 Cups cafe were a foursome of conservative activists who had been trying for two days to pinpoint the senator’s arrival time.

Harry wouldn’t announce his arrival time. But that’s OK.

They found him anyway.

Hey, septuagenarians such as Reid hop on Greyhound busses all the time in Nevada to visit the casinos unannounced — they’re called retirees. Harry will officially be joining their ranks soon enough come November; he just wanted to get a taste of the retired life a bit early.

Perhaps Arlen Specter will be joining him on the road next year:

“The arrangement I had with Reid [D-Nev.] is that I would have the same seniority as if I had been elected as a Democrat in 1980,” Specter said in an interview with The Hill. “I would be behind [Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick] Leahy [D-Vt.], and when he moved up to chairman of Appropriations, I would move to chairman of Judiciary.”

But for which party?