Ed Driscoll

Reid Heading For Defeat

Meet Harry Reid, dead* senate majority leader walking, according to Jennifer Rubin:

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid remains in deep trouble:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid attracts just 39% to 42% of the Nevada vote when matched against three Republican opponents. Two of his potential opponents now top the 50% level of support.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey in the state also shows that 62% of Nevada’s voters support repealing the recently passed health care law. That’s a bit higher than support for repeal naitonally.

It is hard enough for the average Senate Democrat who rubber-stamped ObamaCare to escape the ire of voters, but it’s simply impossible for Reid, who steamrolled the bill through the Senate, to put any distance between himself and all the noxious elements of the bill that have enraged voters. He is, in some sense, the poster boy for the Democrats who lurched Left, facilitated the extreme Obama agenda, ran up the tab, and forgot that their constituents are considerably less liberal than agenda the Obami are pushing.

Meanwhile, regarding John Thune, the Republican who ousted the previous Democrat senate majority leader, Tom “Mr. Excitement” Daschle, “We just concluded that John Thune is an extremely popular senator who is going to win another term in the Senate.” That’s according to State Senate Minority Leader Scott Heidepriem of Sioux Falls, the Democratic candidate for governor. According to the Press Dakotan, the Democrats “decided not to field a candidate in a futile race against Thune.”

* Dead in a strictly rhetorical sense, lest thoughtful political commentators such as Keith Olbermann or Chris “regime change” Matthews get the wrong impression.