Michael Moore, The Keith Olbermann Of 'Documentaries'

As Kyle Smith writes, “Now that Michael Moore has segued into denouncing capitalism in general and Democrats in particular, the media have more or less lost interest in him:”


Promoting his new DVD, he’s forced to radio interviews on Sirius. He denounces Democrats as wimps and wussies and says Van Jones should have simply replied, “F— off” when it was revealed that he had been a Communist. It didn’t quite work that way with Van, did it? Van could say whatever he wanted — it was Obama who fired him. So it’s Obama who should have said, “F— off.” Sure. We all want a president like that. Moore also says he’s been warning us for 20 years that GM was a lousy company that was going to slide downhill and take all of us with it. Huh? What Moore has actually been arguing for 20 years is that all companies but especially GM should give in to union demands — which GM did indeed do, though not to the degree Moore called for, and which bankrupted the company.Moore has been rendered almost completely irrelevant by the Democratic takeover. He’s never going to say things are going great, is he? But liberal denouncing fellow liberals doesn’t work for the media. He’d be much better off if Republicans were still in power. After years of being showered with Oscar glory and huge spreads in the New York Times, he’s returning to his natural position as an extremist with a smallish following.

Perhaps Moore could restore himself to the good graces of the DNC by blowing the lid off this story.


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