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From The Department Of Irony Overload

The Mill Valley Herald runs this report about what Iowahawk would call the growing Red State Menace in the San Francisco Bay Area: “Conservatives: ‘Meet me in Mill Valley’”:

Tea Party activists and conservative fellow travelers will converge on the Mill Valley Community Center on March 7 for what’s being billed as “the largest gathering of conservatives in the Bay Area.”

While liberal-leaning Mill Valley may be for an unlikely spot for a regional Tea Party get-together, the political group known as the Bay Area Patriots is nonetheless sounding the rallying cry for Tea Party groups, 9-12 groups, any grassroots organization with conservative principles, taxpayer associations and conservative think tanks, according to its website.

The ticket-only four-hour afternoon session will focus on issues like political networking and strategizing, and give conservative candidates for the House of Representatives and the state Assembly a chance to meet potential supporters.

The Bay Area Patriots describe the Mill Valley session as a chance “to expose Bay Area conservatives to the diverse organizations in the region, offering them a glimpse into each group’s mission,” and “to bring groups and individuals under one roof to enhance your organization’s recruitment and outreach efforts and allow individuals to shop around for a good fit.”

Attendees are encouraged to prepare a 10- to 15-second statement to be videotaped and posted on YouTube as part of what the group is calling its “March Missive to Congress.”

Bay Area Patriots founder Sally Zelikovsky said more than 25 conservative organizations and candidates have purchased tables for the event, and she’s expecting more than 150 people to attend. Zelikovsky said the meeting was open to conservative groups of all persuasions. “There are lots of different folks on the spectrum getting tables,” she said.

The Bay Area Patriots’ core principles, according to Zelikovsky: “Limited government, individual rights, free markets and lower taxes.”

Curiously, some in the famously tolerant, diversity-seeking Northern California community are less than pleased about the growing multiculturalism in their area:

Zelikovsky, a San Rafael resident, provided entirely practical reasons. With attendees coming from across the Bay Area, she said the group needed a place that was centrally located and could accommodate the size of the crowd at a reasonable rate.

“The Mill Valley Community Center is clean, it’s nice, it’s well run,” Zelikovsky said. “Of course, with anyplace in Marin there is irony.”

It’s an irony that doesn’t sit well with local resident Deborah Phelan, a former AP reporter who now works in public relations. Infuriated by the images and rhetoric employed by Tea Party groups across the nation, Phelan said city property should not play host to a right-wing get-together.

Wow, a legacy media journalist admitting her biases after she leaves the industry, and it turns that this formerly “objective” AP reporter is anything but. That’s never happened before!

But that’s just a prelude to an absolute explosion of irony, particularly in a quote coming from a former Bay Area “reporter”:

“We have young kids going there to swim, to go to classes,” Phelan said. “Do you want your kid to walk by a picture of the president of the U.S. with the horrible things they say about him?”

Deborah Phelan, meet Bay Area blogger “Zombie.” Zombie, meet Deborah Phelan. Please discuss these “pictures of the president of the U.S. with the horrible things they say about him,” which plenty of kids in the Bay Area saw firsthand in the years from 2001 to 2008.


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