Ed Driscoll

Progressive Misogyny, Then And Now

Aram Bakshian Jr. of the Wall Street Journal concluded his review of the new book by Andrew Young, John Edwards’ former aide-de-camp (or is that campy aide?) with this passage:

In a conversation with Mr. Young, Kennedy waxed sentimental about Washington in the early 1960s: “It used to be civilized. The media was on our side. We’d get our work done by one o’clock and by two we were at the White House chasing women. We got the job done, and the reporters focused on the issues. . . . It was civilized.” We now know that Mr. Edwards’s idea of civilization was much the same as Kennedy’s.

(And Mad Men would have you believe that everyone who engaged in these types of extracurricular activities in the early 1960s was a Republican businessman.)

Flash-forward nearly half a century, and it’s obvious that “civilization,” Ted Kennedy-style, rolls on:

And of course, “NOW president pretty upset about shockingly violent Tim Tebow ad.” Though as Allahpundit adds, they’ve been pretty quiet about the Super Bowl ad that featured a mock tackle of octogenarian actress Betty White and didn’t lose too much sleep over a much more vicious and misogynistic football-themed ad in the fall of 2008.

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