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They're Coming Up, So You Better Get This Party Started

NPR retreats from its occasional Air America-style raunch and snark on the topic for a mostly respectful profile of Keli Carender, who was hosting Tea Parties before they were called Tea Parties. And speaking of which, the Daily Caller talks with CNBC's Rick Santelli, who gave them their name, via the rant heard round the world:

Meanwhile, while the Tea Party movement on the whole has been a stunning success (just ask SEIU, which is in bed with  a typically disingenuous stealth group to discredit them), the jury is still out on the upcoming Tea Party Nation convention in Nashville this weekend -- at least based on what Melissa Clouthier wrote about them a couple of weeks ago:  "Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips: 'I Want To Make A Million From This Movement.'"

Update: Look out Tea Partiers -- Captain America is swinging into action against you! And given the steady leftward tilt of the comic industry in the past couple of decades, that's sadly not at all surprising.