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So You Want To Be An MSM Star?

Then listen now, to what I say. Just get an HD handicam, then take some time and learn how to tape:

And with your hair combed right, and the memory hole screwed tight, it's gonna be all right.

Then it's time to go downtown, where the editor and ombudsman won't let you down. Sell your soul to the company, who are waiting there to sell plastic ware.

And in a week or two, if you make the charts, the girls'll tear you apart.

The price you paid for your riches and fame, was it all a strange game, you're a little insane. The money that came and the public acclaim, don't forget what you are, you're an MSM star.

Related: "Anatomy of a Blog Post with the Naming of Parts." But -- and I can't believe they left this part out (I mean, can you? I certainly can't -- Ed) -- where are the nested parentheticals...?