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Supporters Show Scott Brown The Money

In a post from Monday morning on his Campaign Spot blog, Jim Geraghty wrote that Massachusetts GOP hopeful Scott Brown (running for the senate seat formerly controlled by the late Ted Kennedy) had hoped to raise a half million on Monday:

Campaign Spot reader John offers an assessment of the Scott Brown “moneybomb” in progress today:

You may be aware that Scott Brown is having a Moneybomb today. Purportedly, he’s hoping to raise $500,000. I pledged a few weeks ago, and checked out the site at midnight; none of the Massachusetts  map (the portion filled indicating the progress of the goal) was filled. When I re-loaded the site moments ago, it was at $194,755.45. It had been $180,982.50 just minutes before. He’s crushing the goal. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t break the $1 million mark. This will make Ron Paul and his moneybombs look like child’s play.


That’s a pretty incredible sum — if it has been raised in twelve hours — which I believe it has been. Even if that is over a few days, it is still an incredible achievement. Brown’s tapping into some serious enthusiasm, which has been almost completely ignored by the national establishment. I see it on the blogs, on Facebook, from my MA contacts, etc. This is pretty incredible. We may all be disappointed in the end, but it will be amazingly close. And, to borrow a phrase, the shot will be heard round the country.

As of this posting, Brown’s total for the day is $218,650.31.

That post was timestamped 11:53 AM eastern. As of Midnight pacific, Brown raised $1,303,302.50. Can an unknown candidate win in a region that’s presumably safe for his opponent? Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Update: Brown wins the soundbite award from Monday night’s debate:

[youtube OJEEQHOnI2Q]

Update: Brown and Martha Coakley, his Democrat opponent, face a third-party candidate with a first-call name in Massachusetts politics: Joe — astonishingly no relation — Kennedy.

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