Ed Driscoll

In A Single Decade, America Comes Full Circle

Given that President Obama’s cabinet is staffed with Clinton-era retreads (all the way to Hillary herself), and that he’s governing as disastrously as a President Gore would have (Newsweek’s magical thinking to the contrary), at the American Spectator, Lisa Fabrizio notes how similarly this decade is beginning when compared to the start of the previous one:

And now we are suffering the ironic trick of history repeating itself; we have come full circle from the onset of the 21st century, where we once again have a Commander-in-Chief who treats acts of war as criminal offenses, despite having witnessed the consequences of such conduct. A man who, like Bill Clinton, directly benefited from the bold actions of his predecessor when it came to confronting evil head on, while failing to learn from those hard-won lessons.

And, once again, the media shows its incredible bias by not excoriating a president who called the events on Flight 253 the work of an “isolated extremist,” despite all the evidence to the contrary. The same media who emitted interminable howls of indignation when George W. Bush told FEMA chief Michael Brown that he did “a heck of a job” in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but virtually yawns when our Homeland Security chief proclaimed that “the system worked” after the Christmas Day bomb plot.

And so the new decade begins much like the last one: with the death of a dozen or so American servicemen — this time on our own soil — in the war between Islamic fundamentalism and Western civilization; a war that our current president doesn’t seem to have the stomach even to acknowledge, much less fight. Welcome to 2010.

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