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We Only Have Ten Years To Stop The Doomsday Headlines!

In his latest piece for Townhall.com, John Hawkins does what the legacy media dreads to do: rifle through the memory hole to find the Top Ten Global Warming Doomsday Predictions from 1969 to the present. It's a reminder that plenty of "we only have X years to save the planet" (typically five, ten, or 20 years, though occasionally the doomsday prognosticator picks an odd number to prove he's super-serial about being creative) reached their expiration date a long time ago. And last time I checked, the earth doesn't resemble the CGI shots from Waterworld or the opening of Spielberg and Kubrick's A.I.

Meanwhile, Tim Blair has a hilarious reminder that the scandal sheets at the supermarket checkout counter were years ahead of their time: "Nine years ago, the Weekly World News was running exactly the kind of hilarious enviro-panic stories that now appear in respectable broadsheets":


That was from January of 2000; the "COP15 opening film" for the ongoing Copenhagen hopenchangin' conference is basically that article brought to life:

Still though, these videos don't mean a thing, unless the polar bears take wing.


More: "Journalists Freeze Waiting To Get Into Global Warming Conference." The Gore Effect reigns supreme!