If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Toronto

Last month, Bruce Springsteen committed every rock star’s worst onstage nightmare, when he misidentified the town he was performing in:

The curse of Friday the 13th struck Bruce Springsteen in a most unusual way: it made the 60-year-old rock legend forget where he was.

The Boss bellowed “Hello, Ohio!” to his fans at the Auburn Hills Palace in Michigan.


I’ve read of Eric Clapton making a similar gaffe while touring America in the mid-1970s. But far left actor and far-gone BDS sufferer Viggo Mortensen took this routine to extremes last year, in the midst of a film junket in Canada:

The actor Viggo Mortensen has apologized to Canada after inadvertently accusing the country of policy misdeeds for which he meant to chastise political leaders of the United States. The go-round occurred Sunday night at a Toronto International Film Festival panel discussion introducing ”The People Speak,” a documentary about dissent and resistance to power based on the book ”A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. Mr. Mortensen wore a T-shirt that read: ”Impeach Remove Jail.” By way of explanation Mr. Mortensen, in Toronto to promote the movie ”Appaloosa,” began a plaint about things ”that have been happening in the last eight years in this country.” He was checked by the moderator, Tom Powers, the festival’s documentary programmer, who asked if Mr. Mortensen was referring to Canada. ”Ladies and gentlemen, the angry left,” said a laughing Matt Damon, who was joined on the panel by Josh Brolin and Marisa Tomei, among others. Mr. Mortensen allowed that Canada may have committed misdeeds of its own, without leveling a specific charge against either country. ”My apologies,” he concluded.


Of course, Damon has also had dalliances of his own with the angry left.


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